ProActive Monitor

ProActive Monitor continuously monitors server availability and immediately warns you if something in your network requires your attention.


ProActive Monitor will continuously monitor server availability and warn you instantly if something in your network requires your attention.

This monitoring system is detailed and responsive, resulting in your organisation or system users to reduce their down time. Overcoming problems and outages will bring a rapid return on investment by maximising productivity and minimising the time spent by technical support staff checking for minor issues.

Maximising system availability and powerful reporting tools allow Proactive Manager to assist in SLA management.


When a server is responding slowly, you can immediately take steps to troubleshoot the problem, helping you to significantly reduce downtime and enhance your organization’s productivity. ProActive Monitor will provide the necessary tools needed for monitoring the utilisation of your network bandwidth and IT infrastructure. There is no better way to measure system performance and no easier way to gain an insight into the end user experience.

ProActive Monitor provides a detailed analysis of your system utilisation. This data is stored for up to 12 months and customisable reports can be generated to display the data in a number of ways. A detailed analysis including changes and trends also benefit future planning.

The common utilization monitoring applications amongst current ProActive Monitor users include:

  • Server load monitoring prior to server consolidation or virtualisation
  • Bandwidth monitoring for expensive WAN links
  • Website infrastructure monitoring

Historical Data and Future Planning

ProActive Monitor allows performance and utilisation trends to be clearly identified by logging 12 months of monitoring data, allowing upgrade and investment decisions to be made with certainty. Our customers have found ProActive Monitor invaluable in planning server consolidation and other cost saving exercises.

By having a detailed account of current system usage, it allows IT upgrades to deliver the greatest return on investment by focusing this expenditure in the areas which need it the most.

Scalable and Flexible

ProActive Monitor provides a range of monitor packages to suit a wide variety of monitoring applications from small website monitoring to large multinational enterprise monitoring. Each package allows you full administrative access to add and remove sensors to suit your changing requirements.

Easy Setup and Administration

The entire setup process can be completed in a few hours, including a system overview and basic training by a member of our ProActive support team. On-going inclusive support takes any uncertainty out of the monitoring system.

Hosted Service

All ProActive Monitor packages are hosted; we therefore guarantee high monitoring system availability and take full responsibility for maintaining and updating the monitor server. ProActive Monitor provides all the benefits of a market leading monitoring system but without any spiraling set up costs, such as dedicated hardware and specialist support. The packages all include technical support which is inclusive in every ProActive Monitor subscription.

ProActive Monitor has invested in infrastructure which meets the rigorous demands of system monitoring. This means our system has very high availability meaning you enjoy the benefits all day everyday. Data is securely transferred to the monitor server where the data is processed. The dashboard is available through a web interface, and an endless list of client devices can be used to display monitoring data. ProActive Monitor takes away the need for your business to host an internet facing server for external monitoring access.

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