What is ProActive Monitor?

ProActive Monitor is a hosted solution provided by a team of monitoring experts with a strong background in business IT support. ProActive Monitor delivers industry leading IT system monitoring at a fixed monthly or annual cost. This is an all-inclusive managed service based on the PRTG monitoring solution by Paessler.

The ProActive Monitor servers are hosted in a secure high availability data centre. The backend ProActive Monitor infrastructure is fully managed which eliminates any hidden costs and frees up valuable IT staff resources from monitor system maintenance.

ProActive Monitor offers various monitoring packages to cater for a wide variety of scenarios. Every package benefits from inclusive monitoring system technical support and server side monitoring system maintenance.

What operating systems are supported?

ProActive Monitor can monitor all Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating systems.

What devices can I monitor and how?

ProActive Monitor can monitor network infrastructure such as switches and routers or end points such as CCTV cameras and printers or any device which supports SNMP.

Is there a limit to the number of devices I can monitor?

Many devices might be monitored using a number of different sensors; for example a server might be monitored for CPU load and free disk space. ProActive Monitor offers a range of packages to suit different monitoring situations. Each package has a sensor limit which reflects the size of the system being monitored. See our Pricing and Comparison page for further details.

How do I access the ProActive monitor system?

The ProActive Monitor system is accessible via a secure web GUI (graphical user interface) which is accessible via the Internet from any location. The web GUI can be used to configure your monitoring system and also serves as an effective way to display monitoring data in a variety of different ways.

ProActive Monitor has a Windows GUI which can also be used to configure the monitoring system.

How does ProActive monitor notify me of problems?

ProActive Monitor delivers notifications and alerts in a variety of different ways. The monitoring system can be configured to generate alerts and notifications only in the event of a genuine problem. Thresholds for alerts and notifications can be carefully set to optimise the performance of the monitoring system.

Alerts and notifications are available both in the office and via a range of mobile devices and email clients.

ProActive Plus also features a range of options including SMS alerts and a managed support response by trained IT system support specialists.

What level of reporting is possible with ProActive monitor?

ProActive Monitor reports can be generated to display fine grained data in a variety of ways for each sensor or groups of sensors. Reports can be generated for specific time periods as required.

How long is historical data kept for within ProActive monitor?

Data is stored on the secure ProActive Monitor servers for up to 12 months. Existing ProActive Monitor clients find 12 months of data is extremely useful when planning investment and reviewing system upgrades.

How long does it take to setup a ProActive monitor account?

Once we have discussed your requirements and received your order a working monitoring system can be installed and operational in a matter of hours. The system can then be configured with assistance from the ProActive Monitor support team to achieve an optimal balance of logging and alerts.

Do you have a demo of the ProActive monitor system?

Yes. We have a read only demo of a small monitoring implementation. Please visit http://www.proactivemonitor.co.uk/demo for more details.

How is ProActive monitor installed and integrated with my network?

With the exception of ProActive Web (website monitoring) and ProActive Plus (for example, cloud server monitoring) all ProActive Monitor packages require the installation of a software probe on your local network.

The ProActive Monitor probe collects monitoring sensor data on your local network before sending the data over a secure link across the Internet to the ProActive Monitor servers where the data is processed and recorded.

Some monitoring sensors require a quick and easy installation, for example Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) sensors. Sensor installation and configuration is quick and easy and can be completed in house or with remote support ProActive Monitor.

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