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  • £99.95

Monthly Cost

  • £39.95

12 Month Cost Discount

  • £431.46 (save £47.94)

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ProActive Small Business is designed to monitor small IT systems consisting of one or two servers, a small local area network and a gateway to the Internet.

As a hosted service ProActive Small Business is easy to set up providing a quick return on investment.

How can ProActive Small Business help me?

Whatever the size of your business ProActive Monitor can help:

  • Deliver better quality of service proactively
  • Decrease technology costs by buying according to needs
  • Avoid performance bottlenecks
  • Increase profits by minimising downtime
  • Provide complete peace of mind

What does ProActive Small Business monitor?

ProActive Small Business ProActive Monitor is a tool kit of sensors from PRTG which can be adapted to monitor any combination of servers and devices across any platform. ProActive Small Business users rely on a small arrangement of critical hardware and software which can be monitored using a well-defined set of sensors. The ProActive Small Business package allows you to choose up to 40 sensors from a vast number of sensors including:

  • Common Sensors
  • Bandwidth Monitoring Sensors
  • Web Servers (HTTP) Sensors
  • SNMP Sensors
  • Windows/WMI Sensors
  • Linux/Unix/OS X Sensors
  • Virtual Servers Sensors
  • SQL Servers Sensors
  • File Servers Sensors
  • Various Servers Sensors
  • VoIP and QoS Sensors
  • Custom Sensors

How does ProActive Small Business work?

Using threshold monitoring ProActive Small Business will instantly alert you to changes which exceed configured limits. Monitoring threshold limits can be set quickly and easily using the intuitive web based GUI (graphical user interface) which guarantees you don't get bombarded with unnecessary alerts.

Following a thorough consultation with our experts ProActive Monitor will help you set up the ultimate monitoring solution which perfectly matches your infrastructure, the needs of the organisation and your IT staffing resource.

The ProActive Monitor support team can assist with the setup process as much or as little as you like via secure remote access at your convenience.

ProActive Monitor Small Business

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