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  • £149.95

Monthly Cost

  • £99.95

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  • £1,079.46 (save £119.94)

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As a monitoring solution ProActive Standard is the most cost effective way for small/medium businesses to deploy a comprehensive monitoring solution.

What is ProActive Standard?

Based on the industry leading PRTG software ProActive Standard is a hosted, managed service which can be set up and configured very rapidly. ProActive Standard is hosted on our high availability platform which guarantees a stable solution which is secure and scalable.

ProActive Monitor is responsible for maintaining and updating the server side monitoring platform which significantly reduces the total cost of ownership when compared to hosting a monitoring solution on your own internal network.

ProActive StandardProActive Standard be configured?

ProActive Standard can be configured to monitor up to 10 servers and up to 20 other connected objects including network switches, websites, temperature sensors and CCTV cameras.

Up to 70 sensors in total can be configured to guarantee all systems are being monitored at all times. Sensor deployment is quick and easy and sensors can be added and removed at any time.

ProActive Standard logs up to 1 year of historical data for future reference and to assist in future planning.

ProActive Standard

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