Screen Shots

The ProActive Monitor Dashboard

Logging in you will see the ProActive Monitor Dashboard which provides a breakdown of any Alarms, Warnings and Unusuals, Recent Log Entries and Group Devices and Sensors (click image to enlarge screenshot)

ProActive Monitor Dashboard


The devices tab lists every monitored device in your network environment. Alongside each device you will see the sensors which are monitoring each device. Each sensor is represented visually to provide an immediate insight into the sensors status and the latest values or data detected by ProActive Monitor. Each device can be selected and explored for detailed analysis.

ProActive Monitor Devices


The sensors tab lists all sensors configured in your ProActive Monitor deployment. By default data is displayed for each sensor which makes the status and latest data associated with each sensor easy to read and interpret. Each sensor can be selected for a detailed analysis of monitoring data.

ProActive Monitor Sensors


Visual representations of your monitored network environment from basic network layouts to complex multisite maps are easy to create using ProActive Monitor. ProActive Monitor's maps allow devices and sensors to be arranged in a meaningful way for rapid location and resolution of faults.

ProActive Monitor Map

Example: Best Uptime and Worst Downtime

Example: MySQL Server Response Time

Example: UPS Voltage

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