Website Monitoring

For many organisations websites are critical infrastructure and the primary means of advertising goods and services and receiving payments. Websites are almost always hosted on remote machines in data centres which can create a significant reliance on hosting companies, developers and unfamiliar infrastructure.

Proactive Web One and Proactive Web Standard are full featured website monitoring toolkits which can be configured to monitor your website 24/7. Not only do we detect and log any down time, Proactive Monitor can also monitor:

  • Page load time
  • Web applications are responding correctly (for example putting products in a shopping cart)
  • CPU and memory load
  • SSL certificate validity
  • SMTP/POP/IMAP email processes
  • Much more...

Proactive monitoring allows problems to be avoided by increasing server resource allocation or taking steps to optimise websites so the website can cope better under high load conditions.

The majority of website monitoring can be achieved using HTTP sensors. There are also a range of sensors available for Windows and Linux machines for website administrators who have admin or SSH access to the web server.

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